Custom production

Do you need a laminar flow cabinet, isolation box, ceiling module or other type of product but with specific requirements in terms of its dimensions, functionality, configuration or accessories?

Our company offers standardised products and individual customisation options along with the production and implementation of new and atypical custom solutions.

We modify all products in the “YourBox” programme and produce them according to specific customer requirements, both in all-steel with powder coating in a selected RAL colour as well as in all-stainless steel configurations.

For these products, similar to our laminar flow cabinets, isolation boxes and ceiling modules, we provide a guarantee of premium quality, high reliability, exceptional filtration efficiency and a long service life for individual components or the equipment as a whole.

Our products from the “YourBox” line meet ISO CLASS 5 purity requirements as a given. Depending on customer requirements, the filtration requirements may be adjusted to a different level of efficiency (ISO CLASS 3 to ISO CLASS 8).

Use our custom configuration tool to enter your specific requirements and specify your custom equipment or feel free to contact us directly.


Refurbishment of existing equipment

Do you own our product that is already showing significant signs of wear and tear? Are you so satisfied with it that you wouldn’t want to replace it with a newer model?

As the manufacturer, we have the capability to deliver a complete or partial refurbishment of our older products without any effect on their functionalities.

We can breathe new life into your existing equipment and significantly extend its service life. We also have the know-how to modify refurbished equipment to eliminate those trouble spots that proved so bothersome in older models of cabinets. Please contact us here if you are interested in this service.

Please contact us directly or use our configurator to define the exact specifications for your cabinet.

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