Laminar flow cabinets with horizontal airflow

With the PROFI LINE configuration, these are the top-of-the-line cabinets we offer to demanding customers looking for fully automated and professional versions of the equipment while also demanding a higher level of processing, large number of standard options, modern technological solutions and a representative product design.


EKOSTAR FLOW H PROFI LINE laminar flow cabinets contain above-standard equipment. Antibacterial and retractable front safety glass with a warning system to indicate proper working position, an out of sight UV lamp integrated into the workspace in a position that does not disturb laminar flow, LED lighting that imitates daylight for perfect visibility, electrical sockets inside and outside the workspace, practical universal bushings for routing the power cables of external equipment outside of the workspace, enhanced electrical safety with a current protection device and preparation for a gas, water or vacuum connection are all standard. The system automatically records and displays the operating time for the overall equipment and individually for the filters and the UV lamp.

The cleaning and disinfection of EKOSTAR FLOW H laminar flow cabinets is quick and easy thanks to the continuous stainless steel worktop with enhanced chemical and mechanical resistance and the special powder coating, which minimizes the risk of contamination and provides higher resistance to abrasion.


EKOSTAR FLOW H laminar flow cabinets in the PROFI configuration are equipped with a microprocessor controller to manage several advanced cabinet functions and to ensure their smooth and safe operation. Convenient control is facilitated by a 5” full graphical touchscreen display located on the bottom of the front cover.

All operating parameters (airflow velocity, temperature, humidity, etc.) including filter status and service life are continuously monitored, recorded and shown graphically on the display, thanks to which the user has a complete overview of the condition of the equipment. The monitoring of service intervals and notification of deviations from optimum values and equipment malfunctions are all standard. Operating history and alarms may be displayed at any time as a table or using a transparent chart directly on the cabinet display.

Stable laminar flow and perfect working conditions in the workspace are also provided by the intake fan that drives the aseptically clean air into the workspace and the creation of a horizontal air tunnel that completely isolates the workspace from the external environment. The system automatically controls fan output depending on the filter condition to consistently deliver the defined airflow velocity at all times to maintain optimum conditions in the workspace.


EKOSTAR FLOW H PROFI laminar flow cabinets are automatically equipped with the latest generation class U15 high efficiency ULPA filters capable of removing particulate as small as 0.1 µm. The class of ULPA filters used in this design is characterized by a much higher level of filtration than standard HEPA filters. The cabinets are also equipped with class G4 mechanical pre-filtration used to capture larger particulate and contaminants, which ensures a longer service life for the primary filters.

All aseptic EKOSTAR FLOW H PROFI LINE cabinets automatically achieve ISO CLASS 5 air purity as the standard. The unique design and selected filter mean they meet the demanding air purity criteria defined in ISO CLASS 3, thanks to which they are destined for the most demanding applications.


EKOSTAR FLOW H PROFI LINE laminar flow cabinets may operate in two modes:

1) OPERATING (NORMAL) - designed for full-time work in the workspace
2) ENERGY EFFICIENT (SAVING) - designed to provide the most energy efficient operations and to maintain the required conditions in the workspace, even if work must be interrupted.

EKOSTAR FLOW H PROFI LINE laminar flow cabinets have a feature that automatically switches them into energy efficiency mode depending on whether activity is detected in the workspace. The user may select the individual regimes manually on the display.

Customers may select from a broad range of sizes, from small cabinets to cabinets that are up to 1800 mm wide. All types of EKOSTAR FLOW H cabinets are designed for installation on height-adjustable pedestals with storage space direct from the manufacturer or on a table that the customer currently has so long as it meets the specifications in terms of load rating and dimensions. These pedestals permit working in seated and standing positions. Bases may also be provided in a mobile configuration upon request.

EKOSTAR FLOW H PROFI LINE laminar flow cabinets are available with glazed side walls.

Customers have the option to complete their cabinets with an extensive range of extra equipment, choose a different color version or adapt the equipment to their specific needs using the YourBox program.

We provide a standard 2-year warranty for our equipment. This warranty may be extended by up to 5 years with regular care!

Each manufactured model is subject to an automatic final functionality check using validation measurements with a validation certificate provided as evidence of its completion.

Please contact us directly or use our configurator to define the exact specifications for your cabinet.

Contact Configurator


Our cabinets are closely related to safety and therefore maintenance is necessary to keep them in perfect technical condition throughout their operation. We as the manufacturer are concerned with their proper operation and therefore recommend regular checks of their technical condition and functional verification through professional service inspections. We also recommend changing all of the filters at the regular recommended intervals.

If you decide to perform regular service checks during the first five years after the sale of the equipment, we’ll reward you for caring for YOUR equipment, YOUR health and YOUR product with a 5-year warranty!

Service inspections are voluntary, but critical for proper functionality given the character and the use of the equipment. We recommend conducting them at regular intervals. They protect your people, your products and your interests!


If the recommended service inspections are performed annually over the first five years of operation, we’ll provide your equipment with a warranty covering 5 years from the date of purchase!

The total length of the warranty depends on the number of service inspections performed on your equipment (the warranty is extended by one year for the first and then every subsequent inspection, up to a maximum of 5 years)

We want to be fair, and that’s why we openly declare that inspections are voluntary and a paid service. However, inspections and filter replacement give you 100% certainty that the product will continue to operate properly and that your work processes and users are safe, which we confirm with a functional test or validation at the end of every service inspection. We extend our warranty as a reward for the care this equipment needs anyway!


If you decide on a regular maintenance program, you no longer need to worry about when the last inspection was performed or when the next one is scheduled. We’ll monitor it for you! We’ll be sure to notify you well in advance. One less worry for you.


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