We’re sorry, but we do not currently have any openings that we are looking to fill.

Don’t despair! If you are still interested in becoming a member of our team, send us your CV and specify the type of position you would like to apply using the email address below. We’ll certainly get in touch with you if we determine you are the right candidate for our company!


If any of the positions posted above interest you, simply click on the name of the position you are interested in applying for. You’ll then be redirected to a subpage with information about the specific position or directly to the profesia.sk portal where our current job postings are regularly updated via our parent company ELMAX ŽILINA, a.s..

Please send us your CV if you want to work for us but we don’t currently have any open positions that we are looking to fill. We’ll certainly get in touch with you if we determine you would be a benefit to our company. We look forward to and appreciate the interest of every candidate.

Please send your CV in Slovak to the following email address: ekokrok@elmaxzilina.sk or: andrea_marinakova@elmaxzilina.sk.
Please indicate the position you are applying for in your email!


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