We have gotten stronger!

We have gotten stronger!

We are pleased to announce that our company has expanded with another acquisition, EKOKROK s.r.o., its second acquisition after EMTECH s.r.o.

ELMAX ŽILINA, a.s. acquired a 100 % ownership interest in the company on January 1, 2015, which expanded our portfolio of products and opened up access to a new sector.

While EMTECH s.r.o. merged completely with ELMAX ŽILINA, EKOKROK s.r.o. will remain a separate legal entity with its own name and brand.

About EKOKROK s.r.o.

The company focuses on the complete production of filtration and exhaust equipment for clean air applications. These devices are primarily used:

– in industrial operations of varying types and focus (e.g. welding facilities and workplaces where undesirable contamination is created)

– in health care, chemical and pharmaceutical facilities (e.g. laboratory equipment, hospitals, research institutions, etc.)

Since 1991 when it was first established, the company has built up a stable market position with a high level of credibility and a large number of satisfied customers.

Please visit www.ekokrok.sk or contact us at ekokrok@elmaxzilina.sk for more information.


Our goal is to fully exploit the potential of the company and to take its products outside of the borders of Slovakia and Europe and to innovate the company to ensure it is fully competitive on these markets. We believe that we will continue t expand into new areas, gain new experience and attract new customers that will help us build a company as successful as ELMAX ŽILINA, a.s.