YourBox program for custom products

Are you looking for a laminar flow cabinet, isolation glove box, ceiling module or other type of product, or do you have certain specifications in terms of dimensions, functionality, configuration or features? As the manufacturer of this equipment, we offer the ability to individually adapt our products or custom make products to your exact specifications. Feel free to use our configurator to enter the specifications for your equipment and your individual needs or contact us directly here.

OldBox program – the right solution for refurbishing existing equipment

Do you own one of our products that is now showing some wear and tear because of its age or use? Are you so satisfied with its performance that you’re looking for an option other than a full replacement with a newer model? We now offer the option to completely or partially refurbish your products. We can breathe new life in your old equipment and significantly extend their service life. Our insights ensure we know the exact modifications to make to best improve older types of cabinets and boxes. Interested? Contact us here.

Warranty and post-warranty service

Our products are closely associated with safety and must be kept in flawless technical condition whenever they are in use. Regular care is required to ensure 100% functionality, reliability and safety. We offer the full line of warranty and post-warranty service for our products and guarantee the availability of original replacement parts for more than 10 years after your warranty expires. Moreover, you no longer have to worry about when your equipment is due for service. We’ll do it for you! Service activities are performed by regularly trained personnel ready to respond within 24 hours of a service request or at a special time per customer requirements. All service work is completed with functional testing and the handover of all necessary documents.


Every piece of equipment we produce is subject to functionality testing through validation measurements under the STN EN ISO 14644-1 standard. Upon request, we can perform the validation of our equipment directly at your facility during service work or separately. The results of the validation measurements are documented in a validation certificate.

Specialized technical consulting

If you have made the decision to equip your facility with a specific type of equipment or replace existing equipment with new equipment, the selection of the correct product is important. Specifically, the equipment that fully meets your needs and expectations. Take advantage of the professional advice from our experienced, qualified and professionally trained personnel who would be happy to help select the best solution for you. If you would like to see our equipment in person, we offer this option directly in our company’s premises or by coming to visit us at any of the trade fairs we regularly attend. We’d also be happy to come and pay you a visit to present our products directly to you.


We have our own fleet of trucks available to deliver the products you order directly to your facility as a standard service.


Professional assembly, installation and final calibration are equally important to their actual production. This is one of the key factors for ensuring their proper functionality. This is why our company also installs and commissions the equipment directly after delivery. On-site functional testing is performed after delivery, installation and commissioning to confirm that the equipment is safe and ready for operation

Sales of filters and accessories

Our company produces and sells these products. All filters and accessories for your equipment are also available directly from our company on a separate basis. We’ll send the goods via postal courier directly to you or deliver them personally.