Laminar flow cabinets with horizontal airflow

EKOSTAR FLOW laminar flow cabinets in the HORIZONTAL (H) configuration are biological cabinets with horizontal airflow (from the back wall to the work opening) to protect the work process, the processed product or the material from bacteriological or particulate contamination from the outside environment. This type of cabinet does not protect the user from any harmful effects of the processed substances or materials.

These cabinets are perfect for use wherever work operations need to be conducted in an aseptically clean or dust-free environment without the need to protect personnel from the effects of the materials worked on inside the cabinets themselves.

This equipment has a broad range of applications in health care, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, the food industry, electronics, optics, precision mechanics and in specific industries.

These cabinets are characterized by their premium processing and, thanks to their unique construction and the use of components and materials from world-renowned manufacturers, they deliver extraordinary reliability, low noise, low power consumption, a long filter life and also high filtration efficiency. Thanks to laminar flow through the workspace in a horizontal direction and a carefully selected filter assembly, they provide for the complete protection of the work process conducted inside the cabinet’s workspace.

All aseptic EKOSTAR FLOW H cabinets automatically achieve ISO CLASS 5 air purity as the standard. In both the BASIC and PROFI configurations, the unique design and selected filter meet the demanding criteria for ISO CLASS 3 air purity, thanks to which they are destined for even the most demanding applications.



A manual version of the equipment with a simple design and lower level of features. This is an economical version with emphasis placed on functionality for those not looking to invest more into their equipment than is necessary.


Manual version of this equipment with a higher grade of features and with the design and configuration of the top-of-the-line version. This version of the cabinet is specifically intended for those who prefer the simple and manual design of the equipment but who also require functionality, modern solutions and a representative product design.


Fully automated version of the cabinet controlled by a microprocessor unit with graphical, touch-screen display controls and with the monitoring and automatic maintenance of operating parameters. This version has a high level of equipment, advanced technological equipment and a modern design. It is intended for those looking for a professional and functional solution with a representative design.

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