Microprocessor box controls with a 7” full graphic LCD touchscreen display located at the bottom of the front coverThe current operating parameters are shown on the display with acoustic and visual indications of deviations from optimum values or device malfunctionsHistorical trend data function for the operating parameters in chart form on the displayAutomatic pressure maintenance function for the workspace with an acoustic and visual indicator if there is a sudden drop in pressureAutomatic fan output control function dependent upon the filter condition to ensure the optimum operating parameters are maintainedMonitoring and display function to check the filter condition and remaining service life with acoustic and visual indications of critical valuesAutomatic service interval monitoring functionTwo working modes: POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE PRESSUREThere are two operating regimes in each mode: OPERATING (NORMAL) / ENERGY EFFICIENT (SAVING)Function to automatically switch the cabinet into energy efficiency mode (if there is no activity in the cabinet workspace)Hour counter function for the filters, device and UV lamp that also displays these valuesIntegrated UV lamp (IP65) with optional timer control located out of sight in the topThe LED lighting in the workspace is a neutral white color230 V power socket (IP55) in the workspace (2x)Current protection device for greater electrical safetyG4 class pre-filter on the inlet to extend the service life of the primary filtersHeight-adjustable pedestal with locking in a suitable position and with storage space in the bottomAll primary filters on the inlet and outlet are class U15 ULPA filters in an aluminum frame offering 99.9995% efficiency for particulate measuring 0.3 µmAll doors have electronic locks with a graphical indication of their status and visual and acoustic warnings if they are opened by force or in an unauthorized manner or if they are not completely closedThe main doors for the workspace are folding to provide better access and for cleaning the workspace with automatic positioning in their top-most positionThe airlocks are independently operable and separated from the workspace by a partition, and equipped with sliding trays to move materials between the airlock and the workspaceAccess doors between the airlock and the workspace with convenient opening and electronic fasteningDoors may be unlocked using the LCD display or buttons located on the frame beneath the airlocks and using the buttons directly in the workspaceStainless steel worktop with an enhanced chemical and mechanical resistance (AISI 316L), continuous surface, removable for simpler maintenance, matte finish to prevent glareAll-stainless work area lining and laminarizing gridSafety glass used in all glazing, 6 mm thick with antibacterial finishTwo fans – an intake fan to create an aseptically clean environment and an exhaust fan to remove air from the workspaceInert powder coating surface finish in RAL colors to minimize the risk of contaminationZn primer coating for the frame and other wear parts of the cabinet to provide enhanced corrosion protection before the final surface finish is appliedReplacement filter elements for one year of operation at no charge (pre-filter and basic carbon filter)


    OTHER SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS (for insertion into the box)